A chance to create something special

Utilising our collective backgrounds and education in film and television, our approach is to create fun narratives. We strive to generate top outcomes, deliver something new and exciting and to excel at our craft.

There is a huge reason why we call ourselves Round 3 Creative. Our projects mostly come in at the last minute with a strict deadline, and we have those short moments to transform an idea or concept into something special. The third round is where you have to lay it all on the line; perform to your best, and put in everything to succeed and advance. That’s how we treat our work; we take everything we have learned and use that to push the project further. Under pressure we step up to the plate, to create something outstanding. 

Round 3 Creative focuses on excelling in video production, including short film/documentaries, music video and motion graphics. The variance in our work has helped us develop a polished and refined understanding of what’s required in order to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on creating high quality work that generates an emotional response. We believe emotion is the key to getting your audience to sit up, pay attention and embrace your message.

Round 3 Creative is a fresh-eyed and passionate group of creatives. Our competitiveness motivates us to prove that we’re a company worth working with.